Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 2: Hours of trees, trees, trees

Because of jet lag, my hotel roommates and I went to bed around 2AM but had to wake up at 6AM. We met for breakfast at the hotel. After eating a delicious breakfast, we set out to Boston to visit Boston University. Anna, a rising junior, gave us a tour of the campus and went into great detail of campus life and activities. One in particular made me homesick- closing your eyes and the roar of the cars sounded like waves on a beach.

The tour allowed us to see into the dorms and get a preview of college life in general. It was eerie walking down “Comm. Ave.”, the main street for students at Boston University, and thinking ‘I’ll be doing this in little over a year from now’. As someone who was interested in the school before the tour, I was excited to get an inside look. Anna took us into the various buildings and libraries to see what BU was passionate about, which included a numerous amount of historical documents and artifacts, such as handwritten letters from Dr. Martin Luther King.

Since the tour ran a little late, we booked on out after thanking Anna. We headed out to a bistro called Canoe Club in New Hampshire, where we met Dartmouth’s Admission’s Officer, John, and a rising junior, Clark. They answered out questions and described their academics while we had lunch. Afterward, we walked the short block to the college where Clark gave us a tour. Although we did not get to see the dorms, I was very impressed with what they offered. Then Clark took us back to our cars, where we headed back to Providence.

At the hotel, we quickly changed into fresh clothes and walked up to Johnny Rockets for dinner and met with Brown Group 1. Group 1 already ate so we chowed down while they described their experience in an Ivy League school. Since it was Josephine Biteng’s birthday, ice cream was passed out and we all sang her Happy Birthday. Then we intermingled and talked about curfews and R.A.s as well as specific experiences Group 1 had during the few weeks they were in class.

We walked Group 1 back to their dorms, then walked back to the hotel where we had a talk with our chaperone, Ms. Williams. Then we started in on our blogs, which we got to do in our cozy hotel rooms instead of the chilly lobby once we discovered the hotel’s wifi. At the end of the day, I was really affected by our campus tours and l love the precious opportunity given to us.

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