Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 12: Sleeping In

Today was the beginning of our first and only weekend here at Brown. I proudly started it by sleeping in, which felt really weird because even before classes began, we woke up early to tour colleges. I slept in until my roommate, Abby, made a ruckus trying to leave without waking me up. It felt really weird not having class, which made me feel guilty because it felt like I was skipping.

Alex texted me to let me know we were having breakfast so I rushed over to Cynthia’s room where Cynthia and Josie were just woken up. We ended up waiting an hour for Cynthia and Josie to get ready and right when we were about to leave, Cynthia realized she locked her and Josie’s I.D.s and keys in her room.

With that type of start to the day, it was doubtful it would be a good day. However, we went to Au Bon Pain for breakfast. We chatted in the wonderfully air conditioned dining area. I love the class and our professor Kisa. I miss our classmates and Kisa today. However, we made up for that by going to the mall again and taking somewhat advantage of our free bus access. Just bring your Brown I.D. and you get anywhere for free! I feel extremely guilty for spending so much money but I made a new friend at Build A Bear Workshop. He is a bunny named Fredward Hoppington. I feel like we bonded more with our new friends today, which was a challenge because I literally feel like I’ve known them for years.

When we got back, I showed off Fredward to my newest best friend, Kaylyn and her sock monkey Lionel. I also packed up the souvenirs that I plan to mail home to my family but realized while blogging that I am currently wearing one of them and that I sealed the box, making thing a bit complicated. I helped Kaylyn with her laundry and finished it when she went to water fire. She took pictures for me because I didn’t feel up to going. Then I did my own laundry after going around town trying to find a store that would give me three dollars in quarters so I could pay for the washer and dryer.

Although I was a little anti-social today and didn’t really do much except shop, I feel happy and at peace with my first day without class. I wish I did more homework but that just means I have to pay for it tomorrow.

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