Saturday, July 16, 2011

First Free Day

Today was a very long day. It was our first day without classes. I spent most of it sleeping. Tomorrow is going to be very exciting. We are all going to get our homework done and watch the world cup final at 2. I got to buy an Army shirt. We get to continue working on our action plans which will be very intellectually stimulating. I enjoy talking with the girls about the things we are passionate about and issues in the world that we feel that we can change.

These girls are my best friends. Outside of class I have seen almost all of them stepping up and being a leader in some kind of situation. I am so proud of them. We have all come so far in so little time. I will never forget these girls.

I feel so lucky to have a good relationship with my roommate. Rachel is my roommate and all though we are both out a lot, when we do see eachother we make sure to chat and tell eachother about our day and how we are feeling. I know that at the end of a rough day I can always just come home to my dorm and talk to her to make me feel bad.

Of course this trip is about learning leadership skills. I thoroughly enjoy the class and I am learning so much. But there are so many moments that are out of class that are really the experiences that are making me realize not only what I'm living for, but the things I would die for. The moment where you laugh so hard that your stomach hurts. Having a cold cherry coke after a long day. Grabbing a Starbucks drink before class. Dancing in the hallways. Cuddling with the people you care about. Playing hilarious pranks on Katie. Laying in the grass and just listening to the leaves ruffle among the trees. Those little moments of pure joy and those little things that make me happy are what I live for. People who are robbed of those simple pleasures, are people I am willing to die for.

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