Saturday, July 16, 2011

Relaxing Saturday

Saturday means finally time to relax. A few of the women leaders and I decided to take advantage of the trip to Newport. We were excited to be in such a quaint and picturesque beach town, with great shopping, food and coffee (finally). After strolling through the town and realizing that we couldn’t afford anything, we decided to head over to the beach.
When we got there, we were amazed by the beaches beauty and relaxed vibe. The water was calm and the entire beach was warm, in contrast to the Pacific Ocean beaches that us Californians are used to. We noticed the red algae lining the shore. Kaylyn, a fellow woman in leadership from Ohio, is interested in marine biology and told us all about the red algae and what effect it has to the ecological environment. We also noticed that the sea gulls were picking up clams, carrying them into the air, and then dropping them to crack them and eat the meat. This was amazing to me, since the only thing I’d ever see seagulls eat was the garbage at our schools. We decided to look at a clam ourselves, and Kaylyn, who had dissected one before, taught us about the anatomy of a clam. Who knew a beach day could be so educational?
After the beach, we grabbed some lunch and got back on the bus. After I got back to my dorms, I passed out, compensating for the lack of sleep over the last week. I woke up to my fellow classmates asking me to come to Water Fire with them downtown. It was a beautiful event, with lanterns, gondolas, music, and dancing. It was even more special to be sharing it with such good friends.

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