Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mid-Week Crisis

Today was a really sentimental day. I tried to avoid the fact that it was the middle of the week and that my cohort and I would be leaving on Friday. However, my friends wouldn’t let me because they kept reminding me that today and tomorrow would be our last full days here at Brown University. Brown session 1 students were right: Two weeks just isn’t enough.

We had a simple agenda: Finish up our Amazing Women Presentations and an interview with a Young Professional Women Panel, a group of young women who have awesome success stories. During the Amazing Women Presentations, I learned about my classmates’ passions and interests. Mariko and Adrianne, for example, made monologues of authors, which showed that they have an interest in books and the people who write them. My friend Abi made a monologue about Isadora Duncan, the founder of modern dance. Coincidentally, Abi is also in modern dance class and has a strong passion for it. My other friend, D’Ara, is interested in Oprah Winfrey’s productions and shows, so she did her monologue on, with no surprise, Oprah herself! When one works on what they’re interested in and have a passion for, they really get into what they’re doing and overall, have an even more interesting presentation.

The Professional Women panel included Grace Yeung, who worked as a manager at Abercrombie&Fitch, and Devienna, who runs a jewelry company. A woman named Margarita, who is on her way to receiving her master’s degree as well as Medeva, who studies in a lab and met her husband in Paris also answered our questions involving stress management and college. They gave a really good tip regarding stress: Do your easy assignments first so you’d start a good foundation of being productive. You can then focus on the bigger, harder assignments.

After class, my friends and I ran to Providence Place Mall, where we ate unhealthy food and a greasy dinner. It reminded me of home (in a comforting, homey way). We came back to the dorms and immediately got started on the abundance of homework we had to finish. Our action plans are due tomorrow and our presentations are due on Friday so there is a lot of work to be done before I can fully be satisfied with my stay here at Brown.

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