Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Action Plan Drama

Our Action Plan writing assignments are due tomorrow, and I didn't start writing mine until 8:00. Now don't get the wrong impression, I wasn't procrastinating the whole time. I realize that I am unable to start writing until I am confident in what I have to say. This was a problem for me, because the feasibility of my project lied primarily on the support from another non-profit, and they didn't respond to my email until this morning. When I finally did recieve it, I was disappointed by the response. I assumed that they would be more willing to support a young person so passionate about the cause, but instead they made it clear that they were too busy and could clear up to 30 minutes of their time for a conversation.
This response, I must admit, was terrifying. I felt like my project was already falling apart before it even started. Luckily, Kisa told me about Farm Fresh Rhode Island, and when I called them they gave me a lot of advice and made it seem like this project was actually possible. This was extremely helpful, and definitely a confidence boost.
When it came to writing my paper, however, I still felt unsure about what I had to say. I felt that there was so much more that I needed to learn, so many books I wanted to read, and so much that I still need to take into consideration. But eventually I realized that self-education is part of the whole Action Plan experience. Without knowing the subject fully, you cannot hope to educate others or take a leadership position. I realize that this is part of the process, and a part that doesn't need to be accomplished before we leave. This is a continuous process, and the more that I am able to adapt to obstacles and continue to learn and pursue trying to help the cause, the more "successful" I will be.

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