Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Surfing the City

I love Professor Kisa Takesue for bringing in so many special guest speakers. A good thing about the people she picks for the class is that they are all very diverse and versatile in their backgrounds, ideals, etc. They all have different experiences and can share all of them so we, as students, can see all different points of views.

Professor Takesue is a great teacher with a personality that makes you want to learn. Her personality is very bright and peppy and she even allows for short breaks and energizers to wake the class up. I've learned quite a bit of new exercises here :)
Thayer Street and Providence Place are starting to feel like a small slice of home. The street with the various boutiques and restaurants sort of remind me of a smaller Telegraph St. (Berkeley) and the mall with its familiar shops and air conditioner are all so nostalgic.

I am a bit sad to leave the city Providence though. It's so charming with the brick walls and carefully placed green plants. I took extra pictures of the architecture to bring back home. I hope to come back here again to experience the Water Fire Show with family and friends and I'd like to ride in the gondolas too.
This experience has taught me so many things. I've never been so independent before in my life. Here I have to remember to eat, do laundry, and wake up all on my own. It's a bit embarrassing to admit this, but I was really dependent on my parents before coming here. Now I feel like I can live on my own! I'm ready to take on college life!

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