Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chatting Up Colleges

Clocking in five and a half hours of sleep, I grudgingly woke up to finish editing our group project this morning. I was looking forward to getting the presentation over with. When class started, I looked around to find two of my group members missing. Apparently Ellen was locked out of her room in the morning. She arrived soon, but Thomas was nowhere to be found. After three presentations were made and an hour and a half of class had passed, I walked all the way back to the dorms to look for Thomas. I knocked on his door to find out that he had overslept. Because of this setback, we were the last group to present. I introduced our presentation on the topic “globalization and China” and talked about the importance of China’s economy. I had to memorize quite a few statistics, and fortunately, I did not forget any. I feel that we did an acceptable job, and I received positive feedback from my peers, which made me very happy. I’m just relieved that we’re finally finished with the project.

Our group presentation

I attended the 20th Annual Summer@Brown College Fair at 6 PM. There were 120 colleges from all over the nation. The big name ones including Ivy League schools had long lines of students waiting to talk to the representatives. The smaller, liberal arts colleges had less people so I had more of an opportunity to talk to them. I picked up information from UPenn, Princeton, Yale, Swarthmore, Haverford, Harvey Mudd, Smith, Tufts, and Wellesley. The representatives were all very open and eager to share about their schools. I asked many questions and learned a lot about colleges that I will consider applying to.

20th Annual Summer@Brown College Fair

I also saw Chelsea Moylan, the Boston University admissions officer that joined us for dinner at L’Espalier. It was great seeing her again. Erinn, Chelsea Moylan, and I

A few of my macroeconomics friends met at Marcy to study for our final tomorrow, but we didn’t get much work done. We are allowed to use our notes and a partner for the test so I’m not stressing over it. What I’m dreading though is leaving these friends who I have grown so close to.

My classmates and I in front of my room

During check-in tonight, we had an emotional farewell chat with our RA, Elisa. She is so sweet and kind and hands down the coolest RA ever. She gave me advice for the college admissions process and told us to feel free to contact her after we leave.

My RA and I in front of her room

I can’t believe that tomorrow (technically today) is the last day of class. Most students will be leaving after class, and I can’t bear to say goodbye—to the people or the college. I am in no way ready to leave this place I’ve learned to call home. Prepare for waterworks.

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