Thursday, July 7, 2011

Evening with Brown II

In class today, we performed a very short protocol. We prepared DNA samples from our hair and gave them to our teacher to PCR. I actually didn't finish the 1-hour incubation, so I had to PCR separately. I also had the opportunity to learn how to use the PCR, so I guess mistakes can be helpful at times.

While waiting for the 1-hour incubation to complete, my friend Rachel and I did our teacher a favor. We prepared the fluorescent slide for her. We followed instructions very strictly to mix/create solutions of certain concentrations, so that the slide could be seen on fluorescent light. We don't know whether or not we were able to properly make the slide, but we'll find out soon.

Another extra thing we did was Laboratory 12 Part B. It involved another agarose gel--which I love making. You pour hot agarose with 4 microliters of ethidium bromide mix and it solidifies into a gel. That experiment was relatively successful.

After the various experiments we performed (and staying a couple hours after class to complete them) I went to study at the science library again. It's very important that I finish my figure presentation. I finished reading the paper, which introduced me to the topic. I also started work on my presentation.

The most nostalgic thing happened today. We saw the Brown II group! They looked excited to be in Providence. I was happy to see them and talk over Johnny Rockets. It was sad to realize, that Brown I's duration in Providence was coming to an end. After Friday, we'll see the Brown II cohort again for a college tour of Harvard. Time to enjoy the last two days at Brown!

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