Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Last Days are Approaching

Today was the final day of group presentations, this also meant that it was the second to last day of my fantastic class. It brought some excitement because it means that my hard work has been paying off, but it also meant that I was that much closer to leaving Brown. Kathleen’ group presented today and in my opinion they were the best group. They discussed China’s economic boom and transformation into a world super power. Tough China is growing at rapid rates, this type of growth is unsustainable so in the near future we should all watch for this deceleration. I really enjoyed how thy presented and organized their findings. Tomorrow will be our last day of class and we have a practice AP econ test. I feel confident that I will be able to excel on the test even though we have only been in class for three weeks.
After class I went to the College Fair that Brown had in its athletic complex. It seemed like over a hinder colleges were represented. I went to various colleges that appealed to my interests in either economics, or law. This was one of the most useful things that Brown had to offer during my stay. I really enjoyed meeting with admissions officers and hearing what they had to say. You could tell that the representative for the college was an accurate reflection of the college itself.
After this my close friend was departing back to LA .It was a fairly emotional time, but we all realized that the time had come and that we would see each other once again. Many of us have made a pact to apply to similar and some of the same colleges. I am interested to see how this turns out.
This was the last night that everyone had together so our RA’s hosted a dance. It was not very successful but we made the best out of what we had. I enjoyed the company of everyone and I will miss everyone truly. I have learned a lot and will bring back all of this information.

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