Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 3: Lost in Boston

After having a rough start with our alarm clock, we got dressed and headed down to the hotel lobby for breakfast. We got into our cars and drove an hour and a half to Wesleyan University in Connecticut. I slept for most of the ride and when we got to the school, we headed up to the admissions building where we sat in on a short presentation. They talked about the academics and their annual Zombies vs. Humans game. Then we went into a side room where we met with Chris Lanser, the school’s Admissions Officer, and an alum who studied abroad. After many pictures, we ran out to catch up with the tour group. We walked through the entire campus and almost every building, including their impressive gym. The hour long tour was the longest of all of the tours we had and an hour in the heat had us all hovering around the water cooler afterward.

I thought that all of the campuses had all the same to offer on paper but when I was on their campuses, each had their own feel that made each experience different. I liked Wesleyan’s feeling of activeness even in the summer.

Then we ran to the cars to head over to our lunch spot for the day, Luce. While we ate we had a discussion of the high school exit exam and non- English speakers. Since we had nowhere to go immediately after lunch, we just sat and talked about Wesleyan and what we liked and disliked about it.

We went back to the hotel about an hour before the dinner with the Brown alum, Amy. We quickly took showers and did our hair to get ready for the dinner. Then we met down in the lobby where we got into the car to go to Boston. However, we got lost about 400 times. We wandered the streets of Boston until someone gave us more wrong directions. Finally we made it to the restaurant where Amy was waiting. We talked over dinner and asked a lot of questions about Brown and her experience.

When the bill was paid and all questions were answered, we went out front to take pictures. Then we headed back to the hotel to blog. Today was exhausting but we all stuck it out together and had a laugh.

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  1. Probably the biggest difference between the schools you visited was location! Big city like Boston, small town like Middletown... They offer different things to the student who lives there.


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