Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wesleyan and Amy Tan

My hotel roommates and I woke up this morning at 6:30 AM although we set our alarm for 5:50. Luckily, today’s breakfast meet-up was at 7:45, so we had plenty of time to get ready for yet another long, progressive day. We proudly waited for everyone to meet up with us in the lobby as we were five minutes early. My punctuality and time management has improved since the beginning of summer, thanks to the Ivy League Connection, especially with Mr. Ramsey’s strict, constant reminders of not being late.

After breakfast, we went on our way to Connecticut, or more specifically, Wesleyan University in Middletown. Prior to the actual tour, my cohorts and I met Chris Lanser, the Associate Dean of Admission. He gave us information about the college, which included the fact that it was an open curriculum college. Also, because of the fact that there are no minors, about 30% of the undergraduates had double-majors. Wesleyan encouraged students to explore as many different classes as possible. I really appreciated its emphasis on student independence. Also, the grass was noticeably so much greener than any other grass I had ever seen. The campus was beautiful.

Next, we went to a restaurant called LUCE, where I ate the best mushroom ravioli ever. Rather than alfredo sauce, the sauce used in the mushroom ravioli was called “black truffle cream sauce” and was made of a type of mushroom.

Upon arriving back at Providence, Rhode Island, my cohorts and I bonded more through a walking trip to CVS Pharmacy. Afterwards, we met back up at the hotel, where we set off to Boston, Massachusetts again. This time, it was for an extremely formal dinner with Amy Tan, a graduate from Brown University. We ate at No. 9 Park, a restaurant located next to the State Building. Nearly the whole menu was in French and everyone needed waiters to explain what they were about to order. I had a glorious meal of lobster tortellino, duck breast and leg, and three different types of ice cream. During the meal, Amy talked to us about life at Brown, as well as its curriculum and class options. She told me about a Biology professor that even offers to have lunch with his students.

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