Thursday, July 7, 2011

Coming Full Circle

Every turn I take, I find myself offered new insights of college. Yesterday, I met Grace again and discovered more “secrets” about Brown; today, I was able to experience the largest college fair at Brown’s Athletic Center at the Olmac.

I saw many familiar colleges and one familiar face. My cohort all took pictures with Chelsea who was representing Boston University at the college fair. I also talked to some schools that I have known about since middle school, such as Reed College. Reed College is a small undergraduate Liberal Arts college that has a beautiful campus and an elaborate research department. After exploring the colleges I knew, I went to the tables that were vacant. I use this strategy partly because I don’t know many of the colleges there and by chance I might find a college that I am interested in and partly because those representatives have more time to give a personal account of the college or more details. I took away from this experience the knowledge that anywhere I go, I will be happy—there must have been a reason for why I was interested—even if it is not my top choice.

I left the fair with a bountiful bag full of booty; later I will look through my treasure, but now I must focus on the last day of class and my final.

This was my last day in the Biomedical Lab. After conducting a microarray lab, I prepared my lab station for the next group. As I was setting up the bench, I reflected what I felt when I saw the reaction tubes containing colored water for the first time—the first time I held a micropipette and the feeling of not knowing how the equipment in the lab worked. I wanted to leave a note for the next group, but reconsidered it since the note might be thrown away or it might move. I also forgot to ask about the skeletons across from our lab that Grace told us about.

Time has flown by, and I am in a daze at how fast the three weeks passed. There was so much that I wanted to do, but I did not organize my schedule to get everything done. I must be mindful of this quality of time for senior year and for college, else I will not see the end coming.

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  1. It seems like you're taking full advantage of this program. Your writing has improved a lot, too. Good luck in your senior year!


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