Thursday, July 7, 2011


Seeing the blogs of the second Brown group make me remember how excited Brown cohort I was. We couldn't contain our excitement. It's good to see that Brown II is experiencing the same healthy feelings that we did.

On to the topic of class, where we performed our final protocol. All we did was microarray 6 samples of genes, checking for what type of tissue they came from. They originated from normal lung cells, malignant lung cells, both types, or neither. It was interesting viewing changes of color to tell us the origin of a gene. Afterward, we returned to the lecture room to discuss our results and put together conclusions.

Class was shorter today, by about 20 minutes. That's fine though; tomorrow will be hectic and jam-packed. We will start and finish our presentations, and take our final exam. I spent a lot of time preparing for the presentation, and have a little more work to do tonight.

Tomorrow is the last day of the program. It's the last chance for us to say goodbye to a lot of amazing people; our teachers, friends, and RAs. I'm going to miss this program.

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