Friday, July 8, 2011

A College Epiphany

Today I had fun on one our last college tours. Wellesley College is an all girls school, where students live in a Hogwarts-esque castle-looking College campus. The fact that it looked like a mix between Hogwarts and a Disney movie made me love the campus even more. However, it’s an all woman school and that scared me away from wanting to apply to Wellesley.

This is where I’m hoping the Women and Leadership course I’ll be taking next week will strongly help me. I feel it has the power to open my eyes to looking past the fact that Wellesley is an all-girls college. I cannot wait to study my Women and Leadership course and demonstratioing excact what I’ve learned back from this program.

After the college tour, an alumni from Wellesley joined us and ate lunch with us, which was held at the famous Ming Tsai’s restaurant, Blue Ginger. The food here in Rhode Island is extremely good and unforgettable.

For dinner, more questions and answers were shared between students and a Brown Alumni as well as a Wellesley Alumni. They made me realize that I want to go to an open-curriculum college in which the student chooses his or her own classes. Although I love California colleges, what the East Coast has to offer to me really appeals to me and the barrier between East Coast colleges and my California-only college "wall" has officially been broken.

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