Friday, July 8, 2011

The Final Farewell

Today was the final day of our class, and most people’s final day at Brown. I have made so many good friends, and I really am glad that I had the opportunity to meet them. If I relate this to economic terms my opportunity cost was very low and efficient. Opportunity cost is defined as what you give up to get, gave up some free time but also boredom at home in order to receive a great education, a totally new experience, and many great new friends. But in class today we took a practice AP test, and my partner and I performed very well on the exam. This is just a true indication of how hard we worked in order to get the end result that we desired.
After the test many students were departing back home. This was very emotional to see people you have made such a strong connection with, in just three weeks depart. But with all the advances in technology via social networking, video chat, or any other form of communication it should be fairly easy to stay connected. I am positive that most of the people that I have met will be very successful and we will all help and motivate each other in the future.
After this I said my goodbyes, exchanged contact information and all the other sentimental things that are included in the departure package. Our cohort met with the Peter Newcomb the Northern California admissions officer for Brown. He gave us great insight in to the Brown application process and made all of us a lot more confident about the upcoming college applications. I am glad that our chaperone was able to arrange this for us, I appreciate her greatly. Later on that day our cohort had dinner together. We discussed this whole almost four week process the ups, downs, good and bad.
Tonight is my final night at Brown and I can truly say that I will miss it. But all stages in life require development, so I guess this is just part of the maturation process all must go through. Tomorrow we will be going to Harvard with Cohort two. I am very excited to see them again as well as to see Mr. Ramsey, and Mrs. Kronenberg. Tomorrow should be interesting. This is my last farewell, so in conclusion Brown was an amazing experience for me. I am so blessed to have had this opportunity. I learned a lot about not only about economics, but myself as well. The people surrounding me were just amazing and I cannot express how blessed I was.

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  1. Great post! I caught your comment about doing well on the AP test - maybe you can study a little more and take the actual exam in the spring! It's not required to take an AP class to take the test.


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