Friday, July 8, 2011

Life Lessons

“Life is Short,” “Do What You Love,” “Find Your Passion,” three cliché words of wisdom that I have heard in a new perspective from Ms. Hall. Her wisdom was demonstrated in a graph proving life is short and through her anecdotes opposing the gist of the sayings.

My calculus teacher reiterates almost every day his “life lessons,” with the most important lesson “life is short.” The common interpretation of this advice is to seize the day or to not worry, but as Ms. Hall said, realizing that life is short will not stop end worrying or make you do something outrageous. As college applications approach,and the stress increases, no matter how much I stress, it will not change whether I get into college or not get into college—stress will do two of the following: one, keep me up late hours of the night considering and reconsidering what I should put and two, lead to more procrastination and subsequent stress from procrastinating.

The other two lessons held less meaning for me because those are not pragmatic. I would like to “Do What I Love” and “Find My Passion,” but these are not found by looking; it can be random and that is what Brown is about—allowing students to test what they think they love, not necessarily finding it.

On top of the emotional good-byes from my professor and her TA, it has been storming, so I cannot spend too much outside with friends. It has been exciting, though, with several thunder storms throughout the day and the heaviest rain I have seen in Providence. As I am writing my blog, there is thunder sounding and lightning flashing through my window. I think Providence wants to give us this weather to show its overall beauty and a good-bye present.

I have not been affected by the prospect of leaving yet. It feels like it is home, and there is a premonition that I will come back to it again in the near future. I feel sad for some time, but it is not enough to shed a tear.What will happen is once I get home and start reviewing all my pictures, I will start crying.

In the morning as I get ready to go back to the hotel, I will close off my dorm room, return my key and take a final picture of Brown’s mascot.

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