Friday, July 8, 2011

Wellesley for the Win

Today us Brownies were able to visit the most beautiful college campus in the whole entire United States. The architecture and the landscaping were breathtaking and to me, was a cross between a fairy tale and Harry Potter.

Our tour guide, Anna, was amazing. She was optimistic and passionate about her school. The interesting thing about Wellesley is that it is an all-womens' college. Students and alums say that having classes with only women is super empowering and allows for women to speak their mind and say what they normally wouldn't say.

I honestly don't know how I feel about this college having an all-women population. I am used to a co-ed population in school settings and I, personally, believe that it brings a lot more to the school scene. Everyone whom I have spoken to so far say that it isn't necessarily true and that they love Wellesley.

Fellow cohorts are saying that we will get a better sense of how Wellesley functions after experiencing the Women and Leadership program.

For lunch we ate with Lucy Pellum, current admissions officer and former student at Wellesley College. She talked about the admissions process. Like most other schools, the process is holistic and that means students are evaluated on all levels including SAT scores, transcripts, essays, etc. When asked about Wellesley, she also answered very favorable towards the institution.

For dinner, we were joined by a lovely couple, Guy and Joan, who are alums of Brown University and Wellesley College. Guy loves Brown and talked about a friend who is currently active in passing new legislations and is attending Brown as a Graduate. Joan is extremely passionate about her experiences and answered all questions we had. They were great company and were very informative.

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