Friday, July 8, 2011

Finals Finally

My floor mates came into my room in the early hours of the morning so that we could say goodbye to one of the 007 girls. It was the beginning of a sad day full of farewells. During our trek to the taxi stop, rain started to pour from the sky. Our socks and pajamas were drenched when we made it back to the Jameson basement.

In macroeconomics, John gave us our final which was a mash-up of several problems from past micro and macroeconomic AP exams. There were about fifteen multiple choice questions and two free-response questions. We were given a total of an hour and forty-five minutes to complete the test. Ellen and I worked very hard on the test. We used our time very well and we finished with plenty of time to go back and check our answers. We used a combination of the common sense and the concepts we learned in class to figure out anything that we were confused with.

After the allotted time, John and Professor Coleman went over our final. Ellen and I missed some problems, but our mistakes were good mistakes. We understood what we did wrong, but we understood the main concepts. I found the review to be very helpful. Throughout this course, I found that repetitive review and examples helped me understand macroeconomics a lot more.
The main event of today was meeting Peter Newcomb, the Northern California admissions officer for Brown University. The cohort met up with him at the campus center, a room that has two walls made entirely of glass (perfect for people watching). Peter was a very relaxed and resourceful person to meet. We asked him a lot of questions like what he was looking for in the college application process and we learned more about the different degree programs that are offered at the university. I felt extremely fortunate to meet the person that is going to read my application essay in the fall.

Another person that I solidified my connection with today was Briana McGeough, an RA from down the hall. I have seen her at plenty of the seminars that are offered at the Summer@Brown program. She is really fun to talk to and she knows a lot about Brown. She is very involved on campus with the LGBTQ community and various other related programs. I have a lot of e-mails from various RAs to keep in touch during my school year and to turn to if I have any questions about getting through senior year and the application process.

There was a massive exodus of Summer@Brown students today. A lot of my friends are going back home to soak up the rest of their summer. I have grown close to a lot of people at Brown and it was very hard to say goodbye. Most of all, it was a bittersweet farewell when Steph packed her million bags to head back to New Jersey for Governor's School (another summer program). The last time I cried this much was at the Senior Walkout Rally at school. I am very dehydrated from all this release of emotion.

I am leaving campus tomorrow morning. I said goodbye to my remaining floor mates after a chick flick and some deep conversation. I am so grateful to have met these girls. They are all so friendly, accepting, and bright individuals. Now, we are all parting our separate ways as changed people. Although I do not want to leave Brown, going back to California will be very fun so I can tell all of my friends and family about my trip. Until tomorrow, I'm down for the night.

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