Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 5: Dorms Tomorrow!!!

My hotel roommates and I woke up late again because all of our alarm clocks failed for various reasons. We all rushed down and ended up being right on time. We headed out to Harvard and got breakfast at Au Bon Pain. Then we drove over to the Harvard campus and got a tour. We introduced ourselves and what we were interested in studying. The tour guide told us a story about one of the passengers on the Titanic. He collected rare books and when the ship was sinking, he got off the lifeboat to get them from his room. Sadly, he did not make it back to the lifeboat and died. His mother went to Harvard and asked them to make a library in his name, and put his collection inside. She required three conditions for the library: that it can’t be torn down, fresh flowers must be put in every day, and that every student must passed the swim test. The swim test was mandated because it was believed that he would’ve survived the sinking if he could swim.

The tour was an hour and the tours seemed to get better and better. Afterward we headed out to lunch. It was just the Brown cohorts 1 and 2 so we bonded because we were just talking and laughing; no alumni to chat with, which allowed us to dress casually. After lunch, we went shopping. Adrianne and I stayed at the Harvard bookstore/ Barnes & Noble and bought books and a Harvard t-shirt. Then we went back to the hotel. Our rooms were checked out so our living arrangement was drastically changed. Our room went from three people to six.

We headed out for dinner, just our two groups, so we dressed casually. After dinner, we walked outside and saw a parade. They walked out into the street and toward our hotel so we followed them. The whole town was there in the street. It was so cool and it amped everyone up. The parade went around the corner so we went to the hotel. I felt like today, of all days, the two groups bonded the most. It was the best day.

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