Saturday, July 9, 2011

Food, Friends, and Harvard University

So far, today has been my favorite day of the ILC program here in Rhode Island.

My alarm clock didn’t wake us up because it wasn’t set on the alarm mode, and we were all supposed to meet up in the lobby at 8:00 AM. Luckily, due to a text message, I woke up at 7:47 and woke up the rest of my cohorts. We quickly got ready for the day and made it downstairs right on time.

There, we were reunited with our Brown session 1 friends. Although we were really happy to see them, we just woke up and were clearly too tired to rejoice with the rest of the group. After a friendly breakfast at Au Bon Pain, the combined Brownies went to Harvard University for a college tour.

Within the first 10 minutes of the tour, I knew that this was going to be a good day. The weather was perfect, our tour guide was amazing, our friends were there with us, and the college itself was beautiful. The campus was adorned with historical buildings and statues. It also had a rich history. It was founded in 1693 and is the oldest of the higher education colleges. It has a core curriculum, meaning students take general education classes. However, the professors know that the students taking these classes are probably not going to stay in the course so they don’t make them too rigorous. Although this college is a really prestigious one, it’s really versatile and the administrators understand the students’ needs.

Afterwards, we all ate lunch at Upstairs on the Square, another fancy restaurant. For once, I didn’t enjoy my meal, as it was a sandwich and I’m not much of a sandwich person. However, after lunch, we had 2 hours to shop around Cambridge, where I bonded with Cynthia, Ava, and Andrew.

For our final dinner with our session 1 friends, we ate at Mills Tavern in Providence. My meal of lamb ribs and mashed potatoes was extremely filling and we left the restaurant full and satisfied. On our walk back to the hotel, there was a random parade that was comparable to a mini-mardi gras, according to Ms. Kronenberg. It was a fun way to end Brown session 1’s final day here.

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