Saturday, July 9, 2011

On the Edge

Today, I left Brown University. My roommate, Olivia, helped me with my extra bags as I dragged my luggage to the front of Keeney Quadrangle. A handful of people who did not leave yet met me where I was getting picked up. It was a sad goodbye, but I was okay with it because I was still a bit sleepy. The drive to Harvard was nice and long. Cohort #1 along with Mariko (from Cohort #2) had a fun and sociable ride over to the school.
I was very impressed with Harvard's campus. Compared to Brown, there is a lot going on. There are more cars and more people bustling about. Even though it is summer, there were crowds of people running around campus on tours and visits. A lot of Cohort #2 were busy taking notes on the tour, but we all enjoyed the history and orientation of Harvard. Brown and Harvard are rivals in a way, so I felt some distaste for the school. There is a shirt at the Brown bookstore that reads, "Harvard University: because not everyone can get into Brown". Caroline took some times to cool off in the sprinkler fountain we passed by during the tour. We also took a great group picture in front of the Elizabeth Cary Agassiz House.
Frank and I played some Frisbee and after lunch, we headed back to Hotel Providence. Cohort #1 was checking back into our first east coast home hotel. This is luxury compared to the dorm rooms, and the soft beds are so welcoming. I had one roommate at Brown, but here at Hotel Providence, I have three. Kathleen, Erinn, Caroline Umali (from Cohort#2), and I are all in a room for our last night in a hotel. Cohort #2 is heading to the dorms at Brown tomorrow, and Cohort #1 is heading home.

We plan to accompany the second cohort to Brown before we leave at 5:00PM tomorrow. It is great to hang out with the second group here at Brown. I feel like I have had quite an experience at Brown and I want to tell them all about it, but then again I do not want to give too much away. They can create their own memories without our help.

Providence has really become my home away from home. I have had time to explore the area and take advantage of all the events that are here. Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the country, but it is full of life. Tonight, there was a huge random parade of people dressed up as aliens following a pep band around downtown Providence. On our way back to the hotel from dinner, we joined the crowd and danced our way down the street. Providence is so diverse, so different, and so full of energy. During the day, the streets are empty and calm. When night falls, it becomes a whole new city. Providence is beautiful.
I am excited for Cohort #2 to start their journey at Brown University. I talked to Caroline a lot about being in the Ivy League Connection and what there was to do at Brown. The entire Cohort #1 has become as close as family. We all get a long so well and we share substantial conversations and healthy laughter. Ms. Larson has been so selfless during this trip and she has always been there for us if we needed her. I am very fortunate to be with Brown cohort #1. We will never forget each other and the memories we made on the east coast.

We are savoring the night with excitement and Brown University home-sickness. Kathleen was very excited to blog tonight.
I cannot wait to take a shower in the hotel bathroom. No more dorm showers (until college, that is)!

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