Saturday, July 9, 2011

Half A Dozen Kids, One Hotel Suite

This morning we met up with Brown Session I! It was really great to see them again, although they were sad at leaving Brown. We all piled into the two cars and I wound up in a car with all of the session I kids and Ms. Larson. They gave me a lot of good advice for tomorrow and the next two weeks as we motored towards Cambridge, Massachusetts.

At Harvard, we attended a truncated info session and then took a long campus tour. Our guide, Lillian, was happy to answer any questions in addition to the material covered in the tour.

One interesting Harvard fact was about the main Harvard library, the Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library. Mr. Widener’s mother donated the library after her son died during the sinking of the Titanic. The twist to the story is that he was on a lifeboat but returned to the ship to retrieve some rare books from his room. He was never seen again.

We had a relaxed lunch with only the Brown groups, Mr. Ramsey, Ms. Kronenberg, Ms. Larson, and Ms. Williams. After lunch we went shopping in Cambridge for an hour. Caroline, Erin, and I wandered around the street, on a quest for a teapot for Caroline.

When we returned to Hotel Providence, we expected to rest for a couple of hours before walking to dinner. However, we were thrown for a loop when we learned that due to a misunderstanding, we had only booked our rooms through Friday night. Since Brown II isn’t checking in to dorms until Sunday (tomorrow), it was a bit of a problem.

Cynthia, Josie, Rebecca, Ava, Adrianne, and I all piled into the three person suite. Andrew and Frank from Brown I moved in with Mr. Ramsey, while Ms. Larson was kind enough to share her room with Caroline, Erin, Erinn, and Kathleen. I’m sure tonight will be quite the bonding experience. Currently, Andrew, Frank, and Kathleen are in our room having a blogging party.

After we all got situated, we left the hotel and went to dinner. Mill’s Tavern had delicious food, but unfortunately it took record time to get our food. We were there for over three hours! We had some very stimulating dinner discussions, which helped to pass the time.

On our way home, we ran into a street parade. It was quite the spectacle, with people dressed up as aliens, marching bands, and large crowds. The parade reminded me of Berkeley, which was interesting. I also noticed that while we haven’t seen many people out and about during the day, there were a lot of people running around tonight.

We eventually made our way out of the crowd and back to our hotel, where we headed up to our rooms to blog :)

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