Saturday, July 9, 2011

Z List

Today's visit to Harvard went better than I expected. In my view, I've always seen Harvard as the unattainable, super amazing Ivy League school that is impossible to get into. My opinions changed when I stepped into the information session and got to see lots of "normal" students attending the school. The campus seems really relaxed and nobody seemed to be SO focused on their studies that they don't have a life.

An interesting thing I learned today is that there is something called the, "Z list" in existence. What that is, is a guarantee that you will have a space at Harvard, but only if you take a year off between high school and college. I haven't heard of that at any other college, so I was really surprised. We had a two tour guides, one that lead the group and another that walked amongst us. Catherine was the guide that walked with us so I got a chance to speak to her personally.

Catherine was one of the students who had the chance to take a year off before starting her freshman year at Brown. She took on several jobs to gain experience and to relax her brain from studying in high school.

Furthermore, if you attend Harvard, they will usually supply you with the necessary funds to travel abroad. It seems like money is abundant for extracurricular activities on campus. Coming from a school where resources are limited, I find this really, really amazing.

I think this is a school that I am going to consider. Being on the actual campus and seeing the environment really soothes the nerves and gives me a mentality where I believe I stand at least a small chance.

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