Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kathleen Saves the Day

Early morning, I finished packing the last of my luggage. It was lonely in the Olney dorms, but I was able to talk to a couple guys who were also departing late. I regret not getting to know the kids in my dorm better; I had spent too much time in Keeney Quadrangle. I finally cleaned the room up and went to bed.

In the morning, Kathleen woke me up. I had broken my phone during the trip, so the alarm functions wouldn’t work. I later found out that Kathleen woke Erin up as well. I gathered my belongings and said goodbye to my RA. I’m glad I met my RA, he was a nice and helpful person.

I turned in my key and met with the rest of the cohort to leave with Ms. Larson. A bunch of friends were gathered outside, and we all exchanged goodbyes. Leaving Brown wasn’t as sentimental today because most of my good friends had already left on Friday. We made our way back to Hotel Providence; back to where we started.

We were greeted by the smiling faces of Brown cohort II. Together, we went to Harvard for an informational session and a college tour. Cambridge was a bustling city, full of people and stores. The Harvard campus was like Brown; integrated into the city. The school looked extremely professional, and our tour guide explained the housing system thoroughly. We were able to see the science building, the first-year’s cafeteria, first-year dorms, and the upperclassmen dorms. Interesting to me was that Harvard, like MIT, requires all students to pass a swimming test to attend the school. This is because one of Harvard’s students drowned with the Titanic, and students believed that he would have survived if he had been a better swimmer.

After the tour, I was able to throw disc with Erin as we waited for some others who were using the bathroom. We went to lunch and talked about our experience at the Summer@Brown program. Spending time with the Brown cohort II has been a lot of fun. After lunch, we went to the shopping area of Cambridge. Erinn found a book titled “Epigenetics”, the topic our class was heavily centered around. Looking back, I would never have known what epigenetics were if I hadn’t taken the summer class at Brown. After everyone finished their shopping excursion, we went to the parking garage to load up and make our way back to Hotel Providence. The drive was long so, like old times, I slept on the way home. It felt like a long ride home.

Upon arriving at the hotel, we waited in the lobby for all the room arrangements to be sorted out. We went to an amazing dinner and enjoyed the rest of our night.

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