Saturday, July 9, 2011

Brown to Harvard

I woke up early this morning knowing I had to depart from a place that had been my home for three long weeks. My roommate and I have grown close, even beyond my expectation. Every second this morning was grueling because we both knew we would be separated from each other. The time came for departure and though it was quite sad we definitely got through it because this will not be the end of a great friendship, but the beginning. Everyone in our cohort made, I believe friends for life, even a family members in the case of Frank.

We all departed from Brown and headed to Hotel Providence to meet up with cohort two to go to the esteemed and prestigious Harvard University. It was good to reunite with them again and to finally see Mr. Ramsey and Mrs. Kronenberg. We all piled into our two large Chevy Tahoe’s and went to Harvard. We had an informational session and campus tour. I really enjoyed the Harvard campus and based on that quick glimpse I would definitely apply there. But beyond just visiting Harvard this was the first opportunity for our two cohorts to intermingle for an extended period of time. The seven young ladies in cohort two are quite the group. I really enjoy their company. They all are truly bright and a pleasure to be around, these same premises are attributed to my cohort. Our two cohorts really mesh well, be that in just casual communication, dining, or even playing a game of Jenga in the Hotel lobby.

After the Harvard trip we all had lunch a nearby restaurant. Now the restaurant was nice, but the nicest part was seeing Michelle Obama’s picture with some female chefs affiliated with the restaurant. Even though there are thousands maybe even millions of pictures of Michelle Obama, I was inspired by this simple photo. I am not sure why I was inspired by this seemingly usual photo but I think it has to do with my new reflective outlook on life. That I should take advantage of everything put before me and really appreciate what I am able to have. My motive and drive to become president of the United States has been shifted to an extra gear. I am glad that Mr. Ramsey pointed out this photo to me or I most likely would not have seen and reflected upon this “simple” photo.

After lunch we did a little shopping in the Cambridge area and then headed back to the hotel. We all settled in our rooms after a semi long day. After having a short rest period we all headed out for a dinner. Tomorrow we will be leaving back to the Bay Area. I will miss Providence and my cohort, but through old blogs and photos I hope to relive some of the things I’ve experiences in the New England region even back home.

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